walking window: drawing on the everyday life of the university hospital

For the past years, I have been performing drawing projects aiming to connect people to their everyday environment. For me, drawing is an activity that enhances perception. By drawing, people become more aware of their everyday surroundings. I also believe that by having a framed view, like a window, we actually can pay more attention to a certain place. Following this concept, I have created a window on wheels called the Walking Window where I invite people to draw on it. During two full days, I staged a new iteration of the Walking Window project at the University Hospital site.

Last November 2018, I walked with the Walking Window, and several transparent clipboards, and offered people the opportunity to draw things that they saw from this framed view: this included various indoor places like waiting rooms, and common areas in the hospital. The idea was to gather from visitors, patients, and staff a collection of drawings from different perspectives and locations around the University Hospital. The resulting work is a photo-documentation of the process in which this drawing project was created, and the unique perspectives of participants. This serie of photographs were exhibited at the McMullen Gallery during a group show called Those Who Wander from January 5th to February 24th, 2019. There, visitors could also participate on another interactive portion, this time drawing directly on the gallery window in a framed area alluding to the Walking Window design.