perceptual drawing

Perceptual Drawing was my final MFA thesis presentation and it was held in the +15 link to the Taylor Family Digital Library and the MacKimmie Library Tower, as part of the overall MFA Exhibition at the Nickle Galleries, U of C. There, I drew for many consecutive hours and twenty days on the windows of the walkway. I used impermanent markers with the intention to draw and observe the outside view of the windows. Rather than bringing reproductions of the activity into the gallery setting, it was important that the drawings were experienced in their original location, so the spectator could adjust their vision in my perspective and relate the drawings to their own view of the outside. Perceptual Drawing was performed during August 2014.

Here is a link with additional images of the Perceptual Drawing project:


Here a text about the project published by Aurelie Maerten at Utoday: